01 August 2008

Almost Home

Well, we have been really busy. It seems like we got here weeks ago. Darwin went back to the dealership on Tuesday, and we got a good deal on a 2004 Ford Expedition. It is black and it seats 8 people. They kept it until Wed. so they could detail it and get the plates and everything on it for us. We also found out on Tue. that our van would be in on Wed, so we have both cars, and only had to rent a car for two days....saving us $1000.

We went out on Tuesday with the realtor again, and she showed us seven more houses. Of those, we really only kind of like the first one, and it had some noticeable roof issues. By the end of the day, I had told Darwin that I just wanted to rent, and not give all our money to any of the houses we saw. I still wanted to take him back to the FSBO I had looked at very first (and for those wondering...FSBO is For Sale By Owner) but I had left a message and not heard back from them. We went out shopping after dinner, and while we were out, we got a call from the FSBO house. They said we could come right over. After walking through it again with the family, I was ready to offer right then and there! It is a 4 bd/2 bth, 1800 sq ft., built in 1996 and in our price range. I actually called them back right after we left and told them we wanted to make an offer, but needed to get the earnest money agreement from the bank first. It is in the middle school boundries we wanted, but it is in the other ward (the church here has two congregations, and it is not in the same one we were in before). We went into the bank on Thurs and got the paperwork, and met the owners at 3pm. We offered them $20,000 under their asking price, and they settled for $15,000 under! They still have to move out and such and we have a lot of paper work and other stuff to complete (the inspection and appraisal, etc.) but hopefully we will be in a house we love by the end of the month!

I'm really excited, and I hope everything goes well. This morning we went back to the bank to fill out some of the pre-closing paperwork and then I went grocery shopping because I am tired of paying for fast food. After we find where Brooklin left her camera, I will put up a picture or two of us at the Mendenhall Glacier...to prove we really are here....lol!


Rana said...

And actually you have only been there for 6 days and you already have a car and a house! That just shows you how ready you are to get settled. Of course I want to see a picture of the house right away!

Jen said...

I'm so glad things worked out for you so quickly. And thanks for spelling out what FSBO meant. I'd puzzled over it in your previous post and had no clue since I've never bought a house before. I can't believe you have to wait so long for the kids to go back to school. What are your plans for the next couple weeks until that happens? And are you guys stuck in a hotel until the house is available?