31 December 2010

Geocaching in the jungle

We decided to go geocaching on the last day of the year.  We drove up to Moanalua and then went on a hike in a lot of mud.  There were some ruins up by the second cache we found that were pretty cool.  When we got to the park we realized that our GPS was out of batteries and we didn't have any in the car.  Luckily we were able to find two caches using Darwin's iPhone with the geocaching app!!  very cool stuff!

The cache

At the cache location with the iPhone.

Here are some of the ruins...and Brooklin up in a tree.

This was an oven right in the middle of the "jungle"

A little stream

When you look at this it doesn't seem very impressive, until you see the family in the bottom right corner!!

A couple shots of the muddy shoes...

Merry Christmas 2010

Pictures from Santa Day!  This year for our secret service, we took the kids to the church at 10am on Christmas Eve and we cleaned it for two hours.  While we were gone, Santa stopped by and dropped off some presents!  (If you don't know about our Christmas Tradition of secret service, you can visit this post... and scroll down to where it talks about Christmas).  Darwin had to work all day on Christmas (from 6am to 9pm) so we did our service a little earlier in the day on Christmas eve.

Santa left presents all over the living room, since this year we put the trees up on the plant shelf.  (our living room is kind of tiny).  It was like a little treasure hunt to find them all.

We had two tiny trees this year and we put them up on the plant shelf along with all the snowmen.

Here is a present to London from "a barrel of monkeys"!

More loot

Caleb and his present from "dasher"

Isaiah got his very own Lego set!  He was super excited and spent the bulk of the evening putting it together all by himself! 

This is the only present I asked for... It is a wireless remote for my camera and it is awesome!

He really does enjoy posing for pictures. =)

London got her very own Lego set too.

Brooklin got a necklace from the r house couture.  It says "FAIL" on it and has a little whale charm.  She saw it and fell in love with it!  It is about Jonah and the whale...and listening to God when he tells you to do something.  If you don't want to fail...don't run away like Jonah did!

I surprised Darwin this year.  I'm not sure I've ever done that before!  (Well...except for the first year we were married.  We went to the mall and he tried on a bunch of suits, found one that fit and we bought it for him for Christmas.  On Christmas morning, he opened all his presents and the suit wasn't one of the presents.  I felt like we spent too much money, and I had taken the suit back to the store and didn't tell him...mostly because I didn't know how...but I didn't want to be in debt and we bought the suit with a credit card, so I just took it back.  I felt really bad, but I think he forgave me pretty quickly).  Anyway...I got him an iPhone 4 and was able to keep it a secret from him!  I always get so excited that I tell him what I got him...and it was so hard not to tell him, but so fun to see his face when he opened it!

This is Isaiah's face when he realized that Santa brought our family a red Wii!  He couldn't believe it!

...neither could Brooklin.  She is the one who got to open it!

and London started doing a happy dance right on the couch!

Caleb was super excited too!  He has wanted a Wii forever!

Traditional Christmas morning breakfast of strawberry waffles with whipped cream and strawberry syrup.

Caleb stuck his elbow in his whip cream...  hahaha!

mmm, mmm, mmm!

15 December 2010

Kids Christmas Wishlists 2010

These are always kind of funny! =) ...and as always, i type what they wrote, so if something is misspelled that is just how they wrote it.

  1. BIG sketch pad
  2. pastels
  3. drawing tablet (for computer)
  4. ipod (mine doesn't turnoff, pauses randomly & frequently, and have to charge it everytime I listen to it) **hmm...i wonder if that could be because it went through the washing machine....
  5. good book
  6. big eraser
  7. ****little wooden man drawing figure****
  8. inking pen (4going or drawings) **i'm not sure what this means...it was kind of hard to read, so that may not be what it said.
  1. DS games
  2. Maximum Ride #2 "Shools out forever."
  3. Maximum Ride #4 "The final warning."
  4. Galatic Heros
  5. New ipod
  6. Legos
  7. Creationary
  8. Candy
  9. A portable CD player
  10. A Wii, (preforably Red)
  11. Super smash Bros. Brawl for Wii  **wouldn't it be funny if he got this, but not #10?!  hehe!
  12. New shoes
  13. pants
  14. shirts
  15. Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder
  16. Mini Air Hog R/C Helicopter
  17. Lego games
  18. My own towl
  19. My own Personuble cordloss mini alarm clock
  20. An animal pillow (Penguin)
  21. Mario Kart Wii
  22. New Belt
  23. Metal Detector
  24. Book light
  25. Pocket Knife
  1. a DS game (picross or cake mainia)
  2. Ipod nano (new or old nano)
  3. I touch
  4. a phone
  5. a book (Hunger games #3)
  6. a ticket to a real football game (Boise VS Hawaii)
  7. lot's of candy
  8. Galactic heros
  9. a new piano book
  10. my own legos (I don't really care what lego set you get me)
  11. a movie ticket (any apropreat movie)
  12. a keyboard
  13. new shoes
  14. a quilt (from/made by grandma Jensen)
  15. cookies
  16. laptop
  17. an adopted baby sister
  18. a visit from cousins

Isaiah:  (London wrote his list for him and from looking at it...he was trying to get 100 things on his list and just started looking around the house and writing down things he saw.  I will mark the things from our living room in blue).
  1. a DS game (my sims or sonic)
  2. a nano touch
  3. a Ipod touch
  4. DS light
  5. DS I exell
  6. a phone
  7. a flat screen TV
  8. lego slave 1
  9. Alpha and Omega **i think this is a cartoon/movie...but who knows...lol!!
  10. a big bag of hershys
  11. galactic heros
  12. a CD player
  13. a 4 wheeler
  14. a motorcycle
  15. a monster truck
  16. a gift from blitzen
  17. a pic. frame
  18. head phones
  19. a bluetooth
  20. a shark tooth
  21. bucky balls
  22. a stufft animal
  23. a good book
  24. marbles + mashein.
  25. a action figer
  26. a needle sowing set
  27. fabric
  28. a motle boat
  29. a motle plane
  30. a movie ticket
  31. 3 football tickets
  32. Boise State helmet
  33. a "we mess with texis" shirt
  34. a blue, soft pillow
  35. a playhouse
  36. a Pic. of Santa
  37. a piano book
  38. a clay pumpkin
  39. rex costume
  40. a stack of paper
  41. a gift from all the reindeer
  42. origami set
  43. a desk
  44. laptop
  45. crab shell
  46. a snitch
  47. a catic **from the two other times he tried to spell this one and crossed it out, i think he meant cactus.
  48. Dongeballs
  49. a football
  50. blue turf
  51. 3-D book
  52. spray Paint
  53. a Boise State hat
  54. spy gear
  55. a tent
  56. a wooden bowl
  57. tennis racet
  58. big bag of mints
  59. A big bag of candy!
  60. a dimond
  61. speacker
  62. a Jack in the box
  63. picture of things that spell my name
  64. 3-D glasses
  65. a digetal clock
  66. a glass jellyfish
  67. a shirt from orgen
  68. a tree
  69. a chinchila
  70. a bowl of fish
  71. a monkey bank
  72. a lamp
  73. a lamp shade
  74. a blue ray
  75. colorful lightbulbs
  76. thumb drive
  77. electric pic. frame
  78. sand
  79. an orange thingy
  80. Dragonolegy
  81. something squishy
  82. egyptiaonoligy 
  83. a book of mormon
  84. sea monsterolegy
  85. remote
  86. stainglass
  87. hawaii name book
  88. blankey
  89. wooden sea turtle
  90. quilt 
  91. statue (minie)
  92. Tivo
  93. curten
  94. eyetoy
  95. window
  96. ps2 game
  97. movie
  98. xbox 360
  99. speackers
  100. a wii
  101. pringles
  102. new clognes
  103. pjs

05 December 2010

London's Christmas Concert

London was part of a children's choir this fall.  The kids all had to try out and they have been practicing since August for this performance.  They sang nine or ten songs at the Pearlridge Mall on Dec. 4th and then did the same performance at their school the next week.  London did a good job and had lots of fun.  Isaiah wanted to be in it too...but by the time they got to the third grade, they had enough kids so his class didn't even get to try out. =(  They are doing the choir thing again in the spring, so maybe he will be able to be in it this next time.

24 November 2010

Another Conversation...in the kitchen this time.

(we were taking the turkey out of the plastic, and Darwin wanted to teach Brooklin about  the giblets...)

Darwin:  Brooklin!  Get in here!

Brooklin:  Whaaaat......

Darwin: I want to show you something.  Now, there are some things you need to know about turkeys.  You see, this...right here. (he lifts up the flap of skin from where the neck used to be attached and pulls out the bag of giblets)

Brooklin:  (her eyes get kinda big as she watches her dad pull out a plastic bag full of "gack" out of the turkey's neck hole).  What is that?

Darwin: This is called the giblets.  It's the heart and liver.  Some people eat it, so they put it back inside the turkey.  Now, watch this.  (he turns the turkey around and reaches inside the "other end" of the turkey and pulls out the neck).  Do you know what this is?

Brooklin:  Is it a bone?

Darwin: No, its the neck.

Brooklin:  (puzzles for just a split second and says) "So they cut off it's head and then stuff it up it's backside?!!"

Oh dear.....  hahahahaha!!!!

22 November 2010

The Gathering Place ~ Youth Cultural Celebration

Brooklin and Caleb were able to participate in the Cultural Celebration for the Laie Temple Rededication on Nov. 20, 2010.  It was one of the most amazing and spiritual performances I have ever witnessed!  President Thomas S. Monson was there and Henry B. Eyring came too.  The prophet spoke to all the youth and then we watched the performance (it was 90 minutes long). I was able to find some good video on YouTube, so I have added the videos after the photos (thank you so much to "Mikaele293" for the great video).

The evening started out with a speech by President Thomas S. Monson.  He told the kids he loved them and that they would always remember this time in their lives.  He told them to write their feelings down in their journals as soon as they got home.  He blessed the youth...and it was beautiful.  It was so amazing to be in the presence of a true and living prophet of God.

Act 1

Act 2
Hewahewa meaning "a great many"
Kala'au or stick dancing

Act 3
Pu'u Honua
a place of refuge, sanctuary
a place of peace and safety

Act 4
Honoring Johathan Napela and George Q. Cannon
This group sang a very beautiful version of "Teach Me To Walk In the Light"
(most of the pictures turned out blurry) =(

Act 5
Early Immigrants

Act 6
Joseph F. Smith (our stake)
Joseph F. Smith first came to Hawaii as a missionary at the age of 15.  He was a missionary in Hawaii for four years.  He was very sick at one point and had to be nursed back to health.  He returned to Hawaii several times during his life, and when he was the prophet he announced the building of the temple in Laie Hawaii, also known as "The Gathering Place".

Act 7
Building the Temple

Act 8

Act 9
Other Islands

Act 10
David O McKay
announces the building of BYU-Hawaii
King Kahmehameha

Every youth performer went to the floor and they all sang "Army of Helaman".  It was so powerful!  The temple rose up out of the ground while they were singing and I still get chicken skin when I think about it!

Our kids

11 November 2010

A Conversation in the Car

We were driving to the North Shore today to go to the beach, and because it is a holiday we left at noon...we couldn't find anyplace to park at the two beaches we wanted to go to.  We had been driving for awhile when this conversation happened.
London: Where are we going?
Dar: Crazy. Wanna come?
London: I don't have a choice.
Well, she didn't!  hahahaha!
Sunset in Kapolei