03 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Darwin's parents invited us down to Orlando for Christmas this year.  We went to the Orlando Temple, Sea World, and Universal Studios.  It was so much fun!
Orlando Florida Temple

Merry Grinchmas!

The Hogwarts Express
Waiting for the train

Gringotts Bank
Waiting in line

Penguins at Sea World
We found Jaws...and Jaws found Caleb

Isaiah the actor!

Gringotts bank
Disappearing through platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4 inside King's Cross Station

Riding on the Hogwarts Express...and Hagrid flew by on his motorcycle

We had to make a trip to the ER on Christmas Eve.  She had an ear infection... =(

Christmas Breakfast: Strawberry Waffles

Strawberry Waffles: Our Christmas tradition.

Butterbeer mustache and pumpkin juice
Hogwarts castle!!!

In front of Hagrid's Hut
Eating lunch at the Three Broomsticks

Lunch at The Three Broomsticks
Lunch at the Three Broomsticks

Inside Gringotts bank...with a goblin!
Kalia's favorite part of the trip.  Meeting the Minions!  She even gave Stuart a kiss!

Suess Merry-Go-Round
Kalia's favorite...Uncle Pie

Inside the aquarium with Nemo!

Melissa and penguins
Sea World's 50th anniversary celebration

Riding the X-Men ride
This is how she waits in line

She rode this ride by herself!
Frank the pug from Men In Black

We did a lot of waiting in lines...
Facing my childhood fear...ET!

and she's out!

Dropping Brooklin off at the airport so she can go back to school. =(  
This girl cried uncontrollably when Brooklin left!

Uncle Pie and Kalia
Grandpa Jensens 65th birthday at Texas Roadhouse