30 January 2012

Caleb turns FOURTEEN

We are still investigating how in the heck Caleb got old enough to be FOURTEEN...  but he did, so we bought him presents and made him a cake.  He chose to eat his special birthday dinner at home, since it WAS Sunday. (and if I would ever get on-top of my blogging, I would be able to tell you what I made him!...but it is March 23rd, and I SO don't remember now!!)

He got some fun presents and was surprised to find out that he had "friended" us on Facebook!  He was actually pretty excited about being old enough to have a Facebook.

22 January 2012

You Want Me To Be WHAT?!

Bishop Loder asked me to be the PRIMARY PRESIDENT last week!  I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud when he asked me...hahaha!  It wasn't anything I was expecting...AT ALL...but the Lord knows what I need, so I'm gonna have to trust him on this one.

I did just graduate from COLLEGE...so I don't have that commitment any longer.  AND all my kids are in school.  I didn't really know what I was going to do with all my FREE TIME, and I HAVE been praying to know what I was supposed to do next... so I guess the LORD knew all along.  He just didn't want to scare me too badly BEFORE I graduated, otherwise I may have tried to get out of it by continuing in school...even though I knew I was done there.

The Lord's timing is ALWAYS best, but I am so impatient that I NEVER see it that way until AFTER the fact.

...and I wonder why I have to teach MY kids the same lesson over and over...

Maybe someday I will learn. =)

14 January 2012

Dillingham Airfield Hike

We went hiking with Isaiah's cub scout troop today at Dillingham Airfield.  There was this great boat at the beginning of the hike that I just HAD to have my picture taken with!  It describes me on every hike we go on. =)

This next picture is of the entire airfield.  This is where you go (on Oahu) if you want to go skydiving.  You can see a plane over the ocean if you look close.  (This is six photos, shot vertically, and stitched together in Photoshop)

This final shot is all of us at the top.  My kids all raced up the trail and had half their lunches gone before I made it to the top.  Darwin was kind enough to stay with me even though I was a "Slo Poke".  I love hiking...I'm just not very good at it. =)

02 January 2012

Diamond Head Crater

We've lived here on Oahu for 18 months...and this was our first time to hike up to the top of Diamond Head Crater.  It was so worth it!!  What an amazing view!!

Hiking to the top.

Kids waiting for me to catch up...

This is me resting.  I had to stop and rest A LOT...

Can you see all the little faces??

Going back down.