28 November 2011

Kids' Christmas Lists

I will be fully cleaning off my desk in the next two weeks, so this entry will change as I find the rest of the lists.  ;)  I'm afraid I will loose these, so I'm breaking from tradition (only posting in chronological order and backdating) and making a real official post today!  Here goes!

10 December 2011
**So, I found the other two kids' Christmas wish lists.  They do not disappoint...hahaha!  Brooklin actually texted me her wish list this week! She came home from school and  Caleb told her that Darwin and I were out Christmas shopping, so she thought she better get something to me while we were out!  What a funny girl!


  • Big fluffy pillow
  • Juneau shirt
  • Jeans/capri/shorts
  • Gutair
  • CD's
  • Gun
  • books
  • Piano music


  • Black iPod clasic or iTouch
  • New DS (mine isn't working right)
  • Pants
  • Small R/C hellecopter
  • Phone?
  • Smallish laptop
  • Shirts
  • Steel drum
  • Lots of duct tape
  • "Lego Champion" board game
  • A nice chessboard
  • Books
  • A nook
  • Another warrior head
  • Lego sets (big ones if you can manage)
  • A puzzle book
  • New running shorts
  • Tan slaks
  • Super Mario Galaxy 1+2
  • DS Games


  • iTouch
  • Laptop
  • Guitar
  • Phone
  • New book
  • Booklight
  • Petshops
  • DS Game (any)
  • CD's
  • Yarn
  • New crochet book
  • Earrings
  • Squinkies
  • Clothes
  • Candy!!!!!
  • Wii game
  • DS game
  • Net Book
  • $20.00
  • NOOK colers
  • 3DS
  • 3DS game
  • DSi XL
  • $10.00
  • Zuzu arena
  • AR books (books that he can read and take a quiz on for credit at school)
  • Byonikols (I think this is Bionicals)
  • Legow sets
  • Rumaut cuntroll helicopter (remote control helicopter)
  • Pokiy Mon
  • A phoun / iphoun
  • A ipodtuch
  • ATV (which when I asked him about he clarified it was a TV, not an ATV)
  • An ipad
  • Temprpetic bed ajusibol (really?!  he wants a Tempur-Pedic Adjustable bed?!)
  • A book