30 April 2011


Today we went to Ala Moana Beach Park for the scouts Makahiki celebration.  There were lots of fun things for the kids to do, but I think they had the most fun pretending to shoot bad guys with the wide variety of weaponry the military displays had.

29 April 2011


Tonight Isaiah and I went to London's music festival at the high school.  Towards the end he was getting pretty bored and turned to me and says to me:  Mom? Mom! 
Me: Shhh!
Him: Mom! Can you get milk from a pig?
Me: What?!  Well...yes.
Him: (ponders that answer for a moment and then says) Is it good?
Me: Well, baby pigs like it...

27 April 2011

Caleb's Track Meet

Caleb had his first track meet today.  He ran two (or three) relays and did an awesome job!  It was really hot and he got burnt pretty good.

OH!  and after I got home, I bought my plane tickets to MAUI to go and watch Brooklin run in the state track meet!  She qualified for the 300m hurdles!

26 April 2011

My Hero

Today, I decided to drive downtown to go to a camera shop.  While I was driving around I realized that there was a HUGE bolt stuck in my tire. I drove to the mall (cause I was starving) and called Darwin. He came and put my spare tire on for me and then I took the broken tire to the Firestone on post for it to get fixed.  I never made it to the camera store, but I am so grateful that Darwin came and rescued me!!  Thank you!  I love you!

25 April 2011

Another Semester Done! Two Left To Go!

 I just turned in my last final for this semester! Now i have 28 glorious days of FREE TIME!!! =) ...then it is back to school to learn "Principals of Management".  I think I will have time to sew now...and go to the temple!  Hooray!
(I just finished Business Communications and Introduction to Business)
Here is a silly photo of me working on my final project for the Business Communications class. I had to make a PowerPoint presentation with audio.  This is me sitting in an empty room, feeling like a goofball, and talking to myself...aka recording the audio.
I started this blanket during Spring Break and just finished it this afternoon.  I don't know who it is for yet, but I like to have baby gifts on hand since I never have time to play, I mean sew, when I need one ready for a baby shower.

22 April 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

We colored Easter Eggs this afternoon.