05 April 2012

Middle School Track

Caleb and London ran in their 1st track meet on Tuesday.  I am working on uploading the video from the event, but they (and their school) did a great job!  London took two first's and a second place, and Caleb took two third places.

Here are the updates I posted to facebook...I'm too lazy to retype them...lol. =)

* London ran the 4x800...first leg. She did awesome. She kicked in the final 100m and passed the girl in front of her! Good job baby girl!  First overall.
Tuesday at 9:57am

*Caleb just ran the 4x800, 3rd runner. His team was third throughout...but he gave a good kick in his last hundred. :)
Tuesday at 10:47am

*London distance medley relay (400m, 800m, 800m, & 1200m). She ran the first 800m (second leg of the relay). She let two girls pass her on her first lap, but kept with them and kicked hard on her final 100m. Her team finished 1st overall!
Tuesday at 11:21am

*London 4x400 relay, first runner. She passed TWO girls in her last 100m to get the lead! Her team finished 2nd overall.
Tuesday at 12:00pm

*Caleb 4x400m relay, second runner. He did awesome! Finished second in his leg, team was third overall.
Tuesday at 12:31pm

And this is the little blurb in the school news email. =)
Congratulations to all of those who participated in the track event yesterday at Leilehua. What an impressive showing at our first track meet of the young season. Wheeler Middle unofficially won the Central District Relay competition. Out of 18 events, Wheeler took 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in 15 of those events. We took 1st place in 7 events. Also, way to show great sportsmanship through the day. All of Wheeler is proud of you!