30 May 2013

Arrow of Light and Life Rank

Proud of my cub scout and my boy scout!  Last night, Isaiah earned his Webelos badge along with several pins and his Arrow of Light award!  He will be graduating to Boy Scouts on his 11th birthday in a week.  The arrow of light award is the highest award you can earn as a cub scout and is the only cub scout award that can be worn on the boy scout uniform.

Caleb had his Court of Honor last night and was awarded the Life rank badge.  This is the badge right before Eagle...so that is next on his agenda!  He earned several merit badges as well.  I'm so proud of him for all his accomplishments in boy scouts!!

21 May 2013

Isaiah's Birthday wishlist

  2. cow bone necklace (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Manaiaolangi)
  3. lego set
  4. 3DX (with 3DS games) (Mario cart 7)
  5. colored pencils
  6. art eraser
  7. letter from Hogwarts
  8. Mini TV
  9. nook color
  10. CD player (portable)
  11. Netbook
  12. Shoes (converse)
  13. clothes (nice)
  14. Black Sunday pants