24 November 2010

Another Conversation...in the kitchen this time.

(we were taking the turkey out of the plastic, and Darwin wanted to teach Brooklin about  the giblets...)

Darwin:  Brooklin!  Get in here!

Brooklin:  Whaaaat......

Darwin: I want to show you something.  Now, there are some things you need to know about turkeys.  You see, this...right here. (he lifts up the flap of skin from where the neck used to be attached and pulls out the bag of giblets)

Brooklin:  (her eyes get kinda big as she watches her dad pull out a plastic bag full of "gack" out of the turkey's neck hole).  What is that?

Darwin: This is called the giblets.  It's the heart and liver.  Some people eat it, so they put it back inside the turkey.  Now, watch this.  (he turns the turkey around and reaches inside the "other end" of the turkey and pulls out the neck).  Do you know what this is?

Brooklin:  Is it a bone?

Darwin: No, its the neck.

Brooklin:  (puzzles for just a split second and says) "So they cut off it's head and then stuff it up it's backside?!!"

Oh dear.....  hahahahaha!!!!

22 November 2010

The Gathering Place ~ Youth Cultural Celebration

Brooklin and Caleb were able to participate in the Cultural Celebration for the Laie Temple Rededication on Nov. 20, 2010.  It was one of the most amazing and spiritual performances I have ever witnessed!  President Thomas S. Monson was there and Henry B. Eyring came too.  The prophet spoke to all the youth and then we watched the performance (it was 90 minutes long). I was able to find some good video on YouTube, so I have added the videos after the photos (thank you so much to "Mikaele293" for the great video).

The evening started out with a speech by President Thomas S. Monson.  He told the kids he loved them and that they would always remember this time in their lives.  He told them to write their feelings down in their journals as soon as they got home.  He blessed the youth...and it was beautiful.  It was so amazing to be in the presence of a true and living prophet of God.

Act 1

Act 2
Hewahewa meaning "a great many"
Kala'au or stick dancing

Act 3
Pu'u Honua
a place of refuge, sanctuary
a place of peace and safety

Act 4
Honoring Johathan Napela and George Q. Cannon
This group sang a very beautiful version of "Teach Me To Walk In the Light"
(most of the pictures turned out blurry) =(

Act 5
Early Immigrants

Act 6
Joseph F. Smith (our stake)
Joseph F. Smith first came to Hawaii as a missionary at the age of 15.  He was a missionary in Hawaii for four years.  He was very sick at one point and had to be nursed back to health.  He returned to Hawaii several times during his life, and when he was the prophet he announced the building of the temple in Laie Hawaii, also known as "The Gathering Place".

Act 7
Building the Temple

Act 8

Act 9
Other Islands

Act 10
David O McKay
announces the building of BYU-Hawaii
King Kahmehameha

Every youth performer went to the floor and they all sang "Army of Helaman".  It was so powerful!  The temple rose up out of the ground while they were singing and I still get chicken skin when I think about it!

Our kids

11 November 2010

A Conversation in the Car

We were driving to the North Shore today to go to the beach, and because it is a holiday we left at noon...we couldn't find anyplace to park at the two beaches we wanted to go to.  We had been driving for awhile when this conversation happened.
London: Where are we going?
Dar: Crazy. Wanna come?
London: I don't have a choice.
Well, she didn't!  hahahaha!
Sunset in Kapolei

09 November 2010

My 2nd 18th Birthday!!

Today I turn 36 years old!
How crazy is that!
It is still just 9:30 am, but it has been awesome so far.  We all got up around 5:30 am so I could open my presents before Brooklin had to leave for seminary.  My family got me some great gifts.

Caleb got me a Hawaii Warriors T-shirt and a new 4Gig card for my camera

Brooklin got me an Alan Jackson CD

Isaiah got me a Grumpy Dwarf and a UV filter for my camera lens

London got me a Harry Potter lego game

and Darwin got me a ....

...a pillow pal?!  hahaha!

how cute!

wait... this thing is really heavy.
I think this lion has something in his tummy.

BEST present EVER!!!

I love my new Canon EOS D7 camera!!!
(now i need to figure out how it works!)

01 November 2010


This year for Halloween, we went to the ward Trunk-or-Treat on Saturday night (since Halloween was on Sunday this year).  London was Little Red Riding Hood, Isaiah was a Ninja, and Brooklin was "gothic".  Darwin took Caleb to the UH football game...so they were UH fans for Halloween, and I wore London's jellyfish hat from last year.  I got Darwin and I matching outfits before we realized the football game was the same night as the trunk-or-treat, so I guess we will save those for next year. =)