09 November 2010

My 2nd 18th Birthday!!

Today I turn 36 years old!
How crazy is that!
It is still just 9:30 am, but it has been awesome so far.  We all got up around 5:30 am so I could open my presents before Brooklin had to leave for seminary.  My family got me some great gifts.

Caleb got me a Hawaii Warriors T-shirt and a new 4Gig card for my camera

Brooklin got me an Alan Jackson CD

Isaiah got me a Grumpy Dwarf and a UV filter for my camera lens

London got me a Harry Potter lego game

and Darwin got me a ....

...a pillow pal?!  hahaha!

how cute!

wait... this thing is really heavy.
I think this lion has something in his tummy.

BEST present EVER!!!

I love my new Canon EOS D7 camera!!!
(now i need to figure out how it works!)

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Monte and Diane said...


Your pictures are great and show a wonderful birthday! Wishing you a Happy Birthday!

Diane Kyser