12 February 2012

Priesthood Advancement

Caleb was ordained to the office of a teacher today.  I am so proud of him for accepting these new responsibilities and for being worthy to hold the priesthood!  He was ordained by Darwin and Brother John Zeek (who is a counselor in our bishopric...and is also leaving on a mission with his amazing wife in a few weeks to Florida!)

Here is a link to the pictures of when he turned 12 and was ordained to the office of a deacon.  I can't believe how much he has grown since then!!

11 February 2012

Service on the USS Missouri

This month, Isaiah's cub scout pack got to do a service project on the battleship USS Missouri.  They got to help clean the inside with little brooms and dust pans.  I'm pretty sure that the man who was leading them around and giving them an amazing tour only gave them the brooms so they would have something in their hands and would be less likely to wander off or touch things they weren't supposed to.  It was a great tour/service project, and afterwards, they were able to raise and lower a giant US flag on the ship and then got to learn how to properly fold the flag...and what each fold made in the flag meant.  I took video of the flag raising (with my phone) and the wind was blowing pretty good into the microphone, so you can't hear much of the beginning, but here is a link to the video.

The boys had a great time and I'm so glad Isaiah had this opportunity!

Trying out the jail cell! 

07 February 2012

Looks are everything...right?

Conversation with Isaiah this morning as he is putting gel in his hair (which he doesn't usually do before school...)

Isaiah: Mom, can I use your hair dryer to make my bangs spiky?

Me: Why are you doing spiky hair this morning?

Isaiah: Because today is track tryouts, and if I make my bangs straight up, it will look like I am running faster.


05 February 2012

‎2012 Scholastic Art Awards. Silver Key Award winner.

Brooklin won an award for a drawing she did in art this year.  I have mixed feelings about the picture. It is actually a picture of me when I was a baby, but when her art teacher saw it in it's early stages, he told her, "I don't like cute baby pictures.  I hope you are planning on doing something else with that."...so she turned me into a ZOMBIE!  I am proud of her for being recognized for her talent...I just wish this particular picture wasn't the one that won!

I'm sad to say that I accidentally deleted the "good" pictures I took with my nice camera.  These were taken with my phone...but I am grateful that I at least have some pictures!