11 February 2012

Service on the USS Missouri

This month, Isaiah's cub scout pack got to do a service project on the battleship USS Missouri.  They got to help clean the inside with little brooms and dust pans.  I'm pretty sure that the man who was leading them around and giving them an amazing tour only gave them the brooms so they would have something in their hands and would be less likely to wander off or touch things they weren't supposed to.  It was a great tour/service project, and afterwards, they were able to raise and lower a giant US flag on the ship and then got to learn how to properly fold the flag...and what each fold made in the flag meant.  I took video of the flag raising (with my phone) and the wind was blowing pretty good into the microphone, so you can't hear much of the beginning, but here is a link to the video.

The boys had a great time and I'm so glad Isaiah had this opportunity!

Trying out the jail cell! 

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