23 April 2010

What's left...

We have just over 8 weeks left in Juneau.

I have 3 accounting assignments, 2 accounting quizzes, 4 economics assignments, 15 (or so) photography assignments and 3 final exams before I can even start to think about moving.

We have found a Coast Guard family of six to rent our home.

We found out it would cost $3000 to sell our truck...or $2400 to ship it to Oahu,
so we are shipping our Expedition to Honolulu on our own dollar. (the coast guard will only pay to ship one vehicle).

We will be down to one car in about 3 weeks...when we ship my van off to Hawaii.

We decided that it would be best to sell our boat...and we are sad.

We have our plane tickets to Oahu.
We leave on the 22nd of June and fly straight to Honolulu (via Seattle).

We got the ok from Darwin's command to take leave from July 3rd - 23rd.  We don't have those plane tickets (which they are paying for) but we will be somewhere in Idaho/Utah/Wyoming (maybe??) during those dates...
(This is one of those things I will think about after I am free from the homework monster)

We need to have a garage sale...bad.

I hate garage sales.

Darwin and Caleb are out on a boy scout campout this evening and I am up late, trying not to think too much about all this moving stuff.  I need to, but it just doesn't seem very real to me yet.  I'm sorry...mostly to myself...that I haven't been very good at keeping up with this blog.  I've had a pretty consuming semester this time around and have been pretty stressed.  I won't be able to take any classes this summer, and that is probably ok.  I have signed up for 9 credits in the Fall and am going to finish my degree via online classes within the next 3 semesters.  I will be taking the second half of the Accounting class I am in this semester in the fall, along with an English class (Technical Report Writing) and a computer spreadsheet class.  It was only supposed to take three years, but moving has thrown a wrench in several of our plans.

I know this move will be good, and I am excited for the new adventure...but as I have said before, "I like moving around and experiencing new things...I don't like actual moving."  Many things have been quickly taken care of for us that we were not anticipating, and it has been a great weight off of my mind to know that God isn't necessarily going to make this easy, but he has made it easier than I thought it was going to be.  I'm really glad he's in charge...He always seems to know what is best for us, even if at first it doesn't seem like the best idea. =)

I could write lots more stuff, now that the house is silent and I don't have a warm body to sleep with tonight, but it is midnight and I need to get going.  I'll try harder to just mention stuff on here now and again so I don't get so far behind.

and by the way...

Brooklin got an early birthday presents today.

We let her get contacts!

17 April 2010

Climbing at the Rock Dump

I started this post on March 22...and never posted it!  Oops!

It was gorgeous this weekend!  Blue skies, sunshine...temps in the 40's...hahaha!  We walked down to the middle school and played frisbee and kicked a ball around for about an hour, came home and ate lunch, and then went to the Rock Dump...which is an indoor climbing wall gym.

01 April 2010

Fun with 6 rolls of TP!

I love April Fool's Day.

I get to make mischief...

...the fun kind. =)

Last night, I did a little cupboard/drawer switch-a-roo in the kitchen.  I switched the hand towels and the utensils...the cups and the bowls...the pots and pans with the cereal and stuff...the lunch bag drawer with the measuring cups.  I also used yellow food coloring to tint the milk to look like orange juice.  Then I went downstairs and drew eyes and flowers and smiley faces on the girls' glasses with a dry erase marker.

They all loved it!

They all get their own breakfast in the morning (while I am making their lunches) and they usually have oatmeal (the flavored kind in packets).  Normally, we keep a container on the table full of  utensils...but I made sure to empty that back into the (wrong) drawer and I emptied the dishwasher so they would have to look in the drawer to find a spoon...and when they opened the drawer, there were towels.  =)  I switched the cereal with the pots and pans...and when they went to find a bowl, they only found cups.  We bought the Costco milk last time we needed some (i really hate the new square containers they have) so we keep the milk in a pitcher...which made great cover for the "orange juice" milk.  Isaiah started opening every drawer and cupboard trying to see if I had done the whole kitchen. =)

This afternoon I decided to toilet paper the kids' bedrooms.

I only used three rolls in each room, but it was fun.  No one tp's around here, because it rains too much...and wet toilet paper is really not very fun to clean up..  I'm waiting for them to get home right now so I can watch them open their bedroom doors. =)

Here are the photos of my beautiful mess!

...and I do not claim responsibility for the mess that was there before I started my mischief...

...I'm not their maid...

...and between me being constantly angry about it or them just living with stuff piled on their floors, beds, and dressers (which doesn't seem to bother them in the least)...

...I'll take vacuumed once a week and just let them live in it.

It isn't worth the angry nagging and yelling that could go on.

(and has at some point).

Just a funny from the other day

Me: Isaiah could you go get me a chocolate? 

Isaiah: Can I have one too? 

Me: If you bring me two, you can have one. 

Isaiah: If I bring you the whole bag, can I have more?