25 January 2009

You'll Find it at Fred Meyer

Darwin went to the store this week to pick up some stuff for me. He watched this old lady pick up a bottle of juice, read the label, gasp, and throw the bottle like it had just shocked her. She walked away in a huff. Of course Darwin was interested to see what was going on in the juice bin, so he walked over and picked up the bottle she had just tossed. It looks unassuming at first glance, but the fine print is the kicker! This is not just another vitamin drink! Hope it makes laugh.

Oh, and by the way, it was so nasty, I couldn't finish drinking it...and it didn't seem to make any difference to either of us. =)

13 January 2009

Super short, super fast

we had a great christmas and new years. we got lots of snow, and now everyone is back in school...including me. we have been sledding numerous times, and someday i will find the energy to go through the 800+ pictures that my friend wendy took, and post a few. (if you have a facebook account, all the good ones are on there...just add darwin or i as a friend and then you can see them.) darwin got a 10/22 cricket rifle and a machette for christmas. i am taking 10 credits this semester...math 105, online music appreciation, and a digital photography class. brooklin just talked to the band director today, and she is going to be the pianst for the sixth grade choir. caleb finished all his requirements for his arrow of light in cub scouts, and will receive it sometime in february...and he is turning 11 in about 2 weeks! london is practicing the piano everyday without being asked now. isaiah is just being isaiah...and wishing he was older so he could do more stuff. we have spent the last 3 weeks playing settlers of catan...our new favorite game that we got for christmas. our adoption update is still not done...boo. the lady keeps finding one more thing we need to get to her, so who knows when we will finally completely approved again...this is taking forever!

i hope to have a real update soon. i'm not really busy, but since i left it for so long, it is hard to know where to start!


07 January 2009

Snow Beautiful

Today is 13Jan09. I started this post on the 7th, and for some reason, the site wasn't downloading pictures, so this post has been stuck in editing for a week...oops! I took all of these pictures on the 7th, and later in the week, we got 3 more feet of snow. Sunday, it warmed up to 40 degrees and has been raining ever since, so the roads are nasty and everything is turning gray now. I am glad I got these pictures before it got ugly!