30 January 2011

Caleb is a teenager!!

Caleb turned 13 on Saturday!  We are now the proud parents of two teenagers!  Caleb was lucky to have his Jensen grandparents and his Great-Grandma Nita here for his birthday!  He got some fun stuff...and we went to the beach all day.  Love you Caleb!

Grandma Jensen, Caleb and London

Caleb, London, and Grandpa Jensen

Love the face brother....

Lovin on his brother

Our two teenagers!

...ok, so maybe he got that face from me.

He asks forStar Wars stuff for almost every one of his birthdays!

ok, never mind...maybe he got that face from both of us...

Grandpa Jensen made him an Oreo cheesecake for his birthday cake

The grandmas!!
Grandpa also made a half blueberry/half lemon cheese cake too.  They were all delicious!
Can you see the knife in Caleb's hands??

He got to cut it on his own

...and then he did what every smart teenager does.  He licked the knife!

Beach day #2

It was Caleb's birthday on Saturday and we celebrated by going to the beach!  I will do a separate post for his birthday...but wanted to post the pictures from the beach and the Halona Blowhole.  The blowhole wasn't doing much in the way of blowing, but there were lots of whales out...so we watched them!  Very cool!  The picture is from my phone, so the whale spout is tiny...but they were very awesome to watch!

Journal Jar #5

What is something that you have always wanted to do but never have?

Let me see how many I can think of...
  1. I would like to visit a foreign country.  Not really right now...but I would love to visit the UK and Germany with Darwin when our kids are old enough to kind of take care of themselves.
  2. I want to ride on a zip line tour.  There was one in Maui, two in Juneau, and one that I know of here in Oahu...but I have never been on one yet.  The price (and everyday life) are my only excuses.
  3. Go to New York City and see a play on Broadway!
  4. I would also like to visit the Statue of Liberty.
  5. I want to go on a church history tour.  I want to visit Palmyra, NY; Nauvoo, IL; and attend the Salt Lake City temple.
  6. Go on a mission with my husband when we are old(er).
Ok...that isn't a very long list.  haha!  ...and I never imagined that what I wanted to do most was travel, since it seems that all we do is travel.  Who knew!

27 January 2011

The turtle and the shrimp trucks

Today we drove to the North Shore to see if we could see a sunning green sea turtle and have lunch at the "famous" shrimp trucks.  We had good luck!  Brutus was just coming out of the water when we drove up!

After picking up a hamburger for Marcia at Ted's Bakery (which has DELICIOUS rolls...well actually all their food is good...), we drove up to the shrimp trucks.  Dar and I got the fried shrimp (the were in a spring roll type wrapper and then fried) and Dar's dad got the garlic shrimp.  He let us try some and his was very good, but also VERY messy!  I'm glad we got the fried kind.  It was already peeled and ready to eat.  The garlic kind was in a sauce and you had to peel each one before eating it.

Dad enjoying his garlic shrimp

After eating we went to a cool antique shop and a roadside farmer's market.  It was a fun afternoon.

23 January 2011

Crouching Bear, Hidden Ninja

These were just really funny.  While we were at the botanical garden, Isaiah decided to put on a show for all of us.  He was jumping and making all kinds of ninja sounding noises...and my taking pictures of it egged him on! =)


Sunday stroll through the gardens

Today, we took the family to the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens.  It is so beautiful and peaceful there...a perfect Sunday afternoon place. (click on the pictures to see them better).

Mischief going on.... right here!  =)

Journal Jar #4

Have you ever been caught stealing or been in trouble with the law?

The very easy answer to this is, No.

I have twice, that I know of, left the grocery store with an item that was on the bottom of the cart that I didn't pay for.  I can also tell you that I went right back into the store and stood in line again....with four children hanging off the sides of my shopping cart...and paid for the item.

On one other occasion, I got home and started unloading my groceries and found a box of popsicles in a bag by themselves that I did not remember putting in the cart.  I grabbed my receipt and scanned it to see if I had indeed paid for them (because my kids have put random things in my cart before).  I couldn't find the popsicles on the receipt, so I put them in the freezer and they stayed there for probably two weeks.  The next time I went to the store, I took the popsicles with me.  When I tried to explain to the customer service people what had happened, they just couldn't wrap their heads around it.  They kept trying to give me a refund.  I told them I didn't pay for them and I was just bringing them back, but they didn't understand...but let me leave them there.  I think they thought I was some crazy person. =)

As for the law... I've never had a parking ticket, I've caused one minor car accident (when I was 19), and I have been pulled over once for a traffic violation (and that was within the last six months).  I was driving on base and went straight through a left turn only lane and an MP was waiting to go through the same light on the other side of the road.  He turned his car around and pulled me over.  I had Brooklin in the car with me and I was embarrassed.  He was really nice and just told me that he wanted me to know how that intersection worked so it wouldn't happen again and that he wasn't going to give me a ticket. 

21 January 2011

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

We took the parents and grandma to Pearl Harbor today to see the USS Arizona Memorial.  We went while the kids were at school.  I love visiting the memorial...and when the kids got home they were sad and said they wanted to go to, so I guess they love it too.

Dar and Grandma Nita

Inside the memorial

That is the USS Missouri in the background

Looking at the turret 

17 January 2011

Palm tree huggers

Darwin's parents and his grandma are here visiting us for three weeks.  They got here on the 11th and are leaving on the 31st.  Sunday we drove out to the temple grounds with Dad and Grandma Nita (Mom wasn't feeling good and stayed home to sleep).  Grandma Nita got to visit with her granddaughter Holly and her family who are living in Laie while her husband Spencer is attending school at BYU-Hawaii.  The drive up took a lot longer than normal because the waves on the North Shore were really huge...almost big enough for the Eddie Aikau surf competition...but not quite.

Girls with Grandpa Jensen on the temple grounds

Darwin with his Grandma Ray...also Spencer and Holly with their two and the two they were babysitting.

Kids with their Grandpa Jensen

Brooklin at the Maternity fountain

Darwin hugging all the kids at once!  =)

Wow!  A picture with me in it!  hahaha!

Let the palm tree hugging begin!

Grandpa kept knocking on the trees because they sounded hollow.

Brooklin, the palm tree hugger

I'm getting in on the palm tree love.

Group hug!