16 January 2011

Journal Jar #3

Name the pets you have had.

I'm not sure I can name all the pets I've had...but I'll try.

1. When I was very little, my parents had two springer spaniels.  Their names were Tater and Spud.  Tater had several puppies and my parents called them "Tater tots"!  We also had another dog when I was little, but I don't remember his name.  He was not a nice dog.  I can remember going out into the snow to play on the swing set one time and he knocked me over and jumped on me.  I know I cried and was afraid to go out in the backyard.  I think my mom made my dad get rid of that dog.

2. I know that we had a kitten (or two) when I was small.  This is one of them.  I am sitting on a rocking horse that my Grandpa made for me.  I can also think of one other cat we had when I was just a little older.  It was a tiger striped cat, and there is a picture of me painting it with a paint brush somewhere at my mom's house.

3. We had goats when I was seven.  Our first goat was named Gertie and she was a white saanen goat.  We bought her because my third brother (Joel) was allergic to cows milk when he was a baby and buying goats milk was very expensive.  She had some baby goats and my dad milked her every day.  I even got to try to milk her sometimes.   We used to let the baby goats out of their pen and take them up to our front deck and they would jump and twist off the deck!  We even let them in the house a few times.  They were like puppies and we had a lot of fun with them.

We had goats when I was in middle school too.  We had a goat named Gabby that was really friendly and a goat we called Maggot because she would chase us and knock us over and we did not like her.  Gabby had a baby we named Geezer.  My dad made a goat cart out of wood and the wheels  from an old wagon, and Gabby would take us on rides around the yard.  Gabby also got her head stuck in the fence all the time, so my dad put a garden hose over her horns so her head would be too big to fit through the fence.  She looked really stupid...but it worked.

5.  When I was six or seven, my dad had horses and cows too.  We had a horse named Jake and a horse named Jughead.  My dad used to let me "ride" on Jake.  One time, he put me up on Jake's back and was leading him around our property.  Jake got an itch on his back, and he had a bad habit of just rolling over and scratching whenever he itched...whether he had a full saddle and rider or not.  I was small and was not in a saddle, just bareback, and I didn't know what was happening but he got and itch and down he went to itch it.  I was very lucky my dad was there and knew what was going on and that I wasn't crushed.  Jake rolled over my left leg up to my knee before my dad pulled me out of the way.  My foot and ankle swelled up pretty good but nothing was broken ...and  I got to hop around on crutches for a few weeks which I thought was cool until my armpits got sore. (Also when my dad was "breaking" Jake... he got bucked off and broke his leg.  He was in a full leg cast for awhile).

6. We got bunnies one year for Easter when I was between five and seven.  My bunny's name was Minnie and she was dark brown.  My brother named his white bunny "Slim Good Body Fruit Tree" and my other brother's bunny was named Cotton. 

7. We had a little dog named Babe when we lived in Arizona.  We didn't have her very long, because she liked to jump on people and my dad hated that.  We got rid of her and got gerbils instead.  My gerbil's name was Squirmy and my brother's gerbil's name was Hermy.  They had TONS of babies.  We also had a few finches and a goldfish in Arizona too.  My dad would tell people we were raising cat food.

8.  My dad bought a horse when I was in middle school.  She was a buckskin mustang.  He got her from the wild horse drawing...something like they rounded up the wild horses and there was a lottery type of thing, and when your number got drawn, you got to go pick up (and pay a fee for) a wild horse.  We named her Termite because she ate all the fence posts.  She was my dad's other best friend for many years.  She died just a few years ago, and it was so sad.  She was old...but she was the best horse and my dad loved her.  He has had two other horses that I can remember.  He bought Babe (who was a retired race horse) when I was in high school, and Termite had a baby around the time Caleb was born.

9. When I was in high school, my dad bought a donkey and named him Bill Clinton.  This is a photo of Brooklin loving on him a few years ago.  He is really old too.  Don't know how long he will be around.

10.  When we were first married, Darwin and I had several fish.  Darwin loves fish.  The best one was our first oscar.  He was awesome.  We would buy him goldfish to eat and then have a psudo-nature show while he very carefully took out their eyes so they couldn't see him coming and then eat them head first.

11.  After Darwin and I got married, we inherited a pot-belly pig.  My dad and his friend each got a baby pot-belly pig, and on the drive home one of them jumped out of the back of the truck.  Neither my dad or his friend wanted the remaining pig, so Darwin and I decided to take it.  We named her Chub-chubs and she lived in the shell of an above ground pool at my parents house.  (We were living with my parents at the time).  We had to give her away when we moved to Kodiak, so we gave her to the Empeys because they had kind of a farm going on at their house...lol. 

12.  We had some pet rats when we moved to Juneau.  Brooklin named hers Flower and Caleb named his Blackie.  They did not live very long.  Flower died on Brooklin's birthday... =(  We bought her another one, but it was not as nice as the first one.  A week or so later, Blackie also died and we were left with one naughty rat, so we took her back to the pet store.

13.  We had two other oscars in Maui.  They were in a 55 gallon tank and eventually got so big (and fought so badly), we had to get rid of one of them. 

14.  I think the last pets we owned were our gerbils in Juneau.  We loved them and were sad that we didn't get to keep them longer.  They were fun little pets. 

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