07 January 2011

Venture Out

I sat down on the couch yesterday to read while the maintenance guy was here fixing our dryer door...again.  I had wanted to practice the piano, but then the doorbell rang and I didn't want to play in front of the repairman so I grabbed a copy of The Church News off my bedroom floor (my bedroom floor could use some work...) and started looking through it.  There was an article title "Venture out" by R. Scott Lloyd (Church News staff writer).  The subtitle was "Ships must leave the harbor".  I decided to read on.  The article talked about people who had courage to undertake difficult journeys, and how we were meant to leave our refuge places and experience the "seas of life".  There was a quote at the very beginning of the article that I really love.  I found this picture Darwin took in Kodiak, AK and added the quote to it.

I've been pondering this quote all day.  It has made me think of all the times in my life when I have chosen to stay in my comfort zone instead of having the courage to act or speak up or just do it.  I'm not saying that always stay near the dock... but there are a lot of times I could have done something and didn't because it would have meant sailing out of the harbor.  I hope I can remember this quote and have courage when I'm not feeling confident.

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