30 January 2011

Caleb is a teenager!!

Caleb turned 13 on Saturday!  We are now the proud parents of two teenagers!  Caleb was lucky to have his Jensen grandparents and his Great-Grandma Nita here for his birthday!  He got some fun stuff...and we went to the beach all day.  Love you Caleb!

Grandma Jensen, Caleb and London

Caleb, London, and Grandpa Jensen

Love the face brother....

Lovin on his brother

Our two teenagers!

...ok, so maybe he got that face from me.

He asks forStar Wars stuff for almost every one of his birthdays!

ok, never mind...maybe he got that face from both of us...

Grandpa Jensen made him an Oreo cheesecake for his birthday cake

The grandmas!!
Grandpa also made a half blueberry/half lemon cheese cake too.  They were all delicious!
Can you see the knife in Caleb's hands??

He got to cut it on his own

...and then he did what every smart teenager does.  He licked the knife!

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