15 January 2011

Soaking wet at the Polynesian Cultural Center

PCC was amazing!!...but I think we picked the wettest day of the year to visit.  It poured rain most of the day and we were soaked through by dinner. I have a ton of pictures to post...so let's get to it!

Our first stop was Samoa.
We watched how to crack open a coconut and extract the milk.  It was to wet for the tree climbing demonstration.  =(

Next we visited New Zealand.

Dar with his mom and grandma.

Kids with grandpa Jensen

I just found this post in the Draft folder on my blog today (15Aug2013)!  It is 2 1/2 years old!!  I will find the pictures from this day and post them here...but I won't caption them all. Oops!

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Rana Strasser said...

Well, those are all very nice but I wish we had had captions on all of them. Most are self explanatory but I was thinking .... all of the performers Have to have some Polynesian blood don't they? the guy in New Zealand looks a little gringo. wondering what Brooklin is doing with the BOMs and Hymn Books. I remember she got to go up on the stage and they taught her to dance but what was Caleb doing and what were they all doing with the sticks?