21 August 2011


I have worn glasses/contacts for the past 28 years.  Friday I went in and had LASIK surgery!!  I can't believe that I can actually see without any glasses or contacts.  I was pretty nervous going into the surgery.  Darwin tried his best to keep my mind off of it while we were in the waiting room by being silly...

The first thing the doctor did was to dilate my eyes.  Next, he took a pen and drew dots on my eyes!  It was the most painful part of the entire procedure! 

Next they put antiseptic around my eyes to clean them...I look like an owl!

After that we went into the operating room...wait...I took a valuim sometime before this to help with my nerves...

This was the weirdest thing I have ever done!  The procedure lasted only 15 minutes.  First he put this suction cup thing on my eyeball and my vision went completely black.  Then I could hear and feel the pressure of the "buzz saw" as he cut the flap open on my cornea.  He opened the cornea flap and positioned the laser.  At this point, I could see red and green blurry lights...it was pretty freaky!  Then he turned on the laser and it smelled like burning flesh and sounded like electricity crackling!  I had to stay so focused on something else so I didn't jump up off that table!!  I sang "I Love to See the Temple" over and over in my head.  It was really weird because I couldn't remember all the words to the song...only a few of the lines, but I just sang them over and over and was concentrating really hard to remember the words so I wouldn't think about the procedure.  It worked!!

After the laser did it's job, the doctor put my cornea flap back over my eye and put lots of drops in my eye. He used something that looked like a small foam paint brush to make sure all the air bubbles were out from under the flap.  Then he moved over to the other eye and did it all over again.  I had a metal hook type of thing that stretched my eyelids open and out of the way, and the doctor taped my eyelashes to my face so they wouldn't be in the way either.  I came out with several less eyelashes than I started with!

 Done with the surgery!

  In recovery (and on valuim) 

24 hours after surgery!  I only had a hemorrhage in one eye.  The doctor said it would go away soon.

Things will be hazy for a few days/weeks until my eyes have a chance to heal, but it is the most awesome thing to be able to see when I wake up in the morning!!

17 August 2011

Home Ethics

At the school open house tonight, Caleb was explaining to me why there were ovens in his leadership classroom. He said, "This used to be a home ethics classroom or something." hehehe! They should have a home ethics class!!

07 August 2011

Finding Happiness

‎"Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you but on what happens inside of you; it is measured by the spirit with which you meet the problems of life." ~Harold B. Lee

06 August 2011

Fun at Old Navy

Darwin had 24 hour duty today, so we drove downtown to have lunch with him and then made a stop at Old Navy to get in on the $5 jeans sale.  We of course had to have some fun while we were there... =)

Posing with the creepy mannequins at Old Navy 

A MILEstone

We bought our van brand new in August of 2003.  Today, after living in several places with very few roads, we finally hit 50,000 miles!  hahaha!  It only took us eight years of driving in enclosed/remote areas for this to happen...lol!  When we bought the car, it came with a 7 year/70,000 mile warranty, which ever came first.  So, our warranty ended at the 7 year mark but it still hasn't made it to the 70,000 miles!

02 August 2011

First Days of School 2011

C, L, and Iz all started school yesterday!  Since B is a sophomore, she gets one extra day off (the freshmen start today without all the upperclassmen).  I took her to the mall and we had lunch together.  It is L's first day of middle school and C's first day of 8th grade.  Iz is the lonely-only left in elementary this year!

 August 1, 2011

 The fun little restaurant we ate at!

August 2, 2011