02 November 2013

School Pictures

I have been waiting for weeks for the leaves to change colors so I could take the kids's school pictures!  We haven't experienced full blown autumn weather for probably 12 years and I was genuinely excited to see the trees burst into color!  Alaska has two seasons (winter and not winter) and Hawaii only has one (springish summer).

I remember last time we lived here, that Virginia has some amazing and beautiful fall colors this time of year.  What I didn't anticipate (or remember, I guess) is that when the trees turn all these beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, the weather gets cold and it rains a lot!  I started to doubt if I was going to get any pictures where my kids weren't wearing coats and donning pink noses.  Luckily, the past three days have been overcast and 70 degrees, which are perfect photography conditions!

You will notice that Brooklin is missing from this post.  She is a senior this year, and we have only been to one of the three locations I want to go to take her senior pictures. The ones we did today are great...but no sneak peeks yet.  Caleb is a sophomore this year, London is in 8th grade, Isaiah is in 6th grade, and Kalia is sassy...and sixteen months old!  I took these pictures about 2 blocks from my house in an empty sloping lot between houses.  I'm so excited that I didn't miss out on capturing these amazing colors...and my awesome kids.

And here are some of the trees around the neighborhood!  It is so beautiful here!!