24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

How about this?!  I am posting BEFORE the actual day!  We celebrate Santa's Day on Christmas Eve...and celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas Day.  We felt they needed to have their own separate days so we have been celebrating that way since 1998.  Santa comes sometime on Christmas Eve while we are out of the house doing some kind of service.  When we get home, the big man has been to the house and we open all our gifts and enjoy our evening.  Here are some of the photos of all the loot!

Jeans, Uchtdorf book, Learn the guitar book and DVD, and Clockwork Angel book

Socks from Gammy, Minute to Win It, a pillow, and hair pretties from Auntie Jody

Slacks/Jeans/Running shorts, tie made by Auntie Jody, socks from Gammy, and an iPod Nano with  watchband.

An Erector set, Harry Potter Legos, AirHog, a Witch and Wizard book

Nook SimpleTouch, Eeyore, Apple TV, King-size quilt from Melissa

Oahu hiking guide, new fins, a book from Gammy, and Ticket to Ride

Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, a Yeti, a monster sewing kit, socks from Gammy.

Tiger latch hook, AirHog, a tie made by Auntie Jody, and bionicles

Pictionary Man, flower latch hook, a music stand, and socks from Gammy.

A sketch book, yarn and a crochet book, her very own flute, and hair pretties from Auntie Jody

A yarn ball winder, an iPod arm band, headphones, and a book from Gammy

A sewing machine (with lessons from Mom), Photoshop CS5, a Pennsylvania piggy bank from Cody/Jody, and a Skylanders Wii game.