30 January 2008

A better picture of the snow.

Here is a much better picture of the snow. I have a friend who lives upcountry (she lives half way up the mtn./volcano) and her mom took this picture yesterday. It is a much better picture. Also, here is a link to the pictures in the Maui News. They have some pretty cool shots as well.

It snowed here yesterday!!!

I took a picture of the snow....which was only above 9,000 feet...and I only had my phone to take the picture, but it did snow here on top of Halealaka. They closed the road up to the top (which is 10,023 feet), so no one here really got to experience it, but we could all see it. If Darwin took a better photo than I did, I will put it in here later. You may not even be able to see it...but it is at the peak of the mountain/volcano, just to the left of the powerline.

29 January 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today is Caleb's 10th birthday.

We are so grateful to have Caleb in our family. He had a scarry beginning...as some of you will remember...but he made it through, and is a really great kid. He is very thoughtful and kind. He loves to laugh, and make others laugh as well. He is an expert on many animals, with Hawaiian fish being his new area of expertise. Whenever we have company, we visit the aquarium, and he is a very accurate tour guide for all of our guests. He loves reading, penguins, dogs and everything Star Wars. He also loves video games, and TV. His favorite TV shows include Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters, anything on Animal Planet, and Funny Videos. He is a gentleman, and races his dad to get my car door opened for me, and he loves to hug everyone. He is a good soccer player, and just graduated into the Webelos den in Cub Scouts last week. He has earned all his badges from Tiger to Bear, and plenty belt loops, pins, and arrow points to boot. Happy Birthday Caleb! We love you!

It was kind of funny this morning. He opened the case for a Nintendo DS, and then a game for a DS, and then we told him that was the end of the presents. He was like, No! That can't be all!

He was really excited to get a Nintendo DS for his birthday. I was really scared to get him one, because, if we would let him, he would sit and play video games or watch TV every waking hour. Even though it is his, there will definatly be a time limit.
This Friday, Caleb is having a birthday party with 10 of his friends. His last birthday party with friends was when he was five!! so we figured he deserved another one. For the party, we're having pizza and then watching Caleb's second favorite movie...Return of the Jedi. His favorite movie is Revenge of the Sith, but as I just found out, that particular movie is the only one of the Star Wars movies that is rated PG-13, and we didn't want any problems with parents, so we had him pick his second favorite. His actual first response to the question, "What is your favorite movie?", was "All the Star Wars movies.", so we had him narrow it down for us. I will take pictures of that and post them on here later.

25 January 2008

Penguin Quilt

While Darwin's mom was here, she taught me how to do "quilt as you go" quilting. This is the bottom row of the quilt I have started. There are nine blocks total, and each will have the yellow borders. The other six blocks are about two hours of work away from me being able to sew them into rows as well. As soon as I get another row done, I will post another picture. Thank you Marcia for teaching me how to do this!!! I really love it and this quilt will be so beautiful when it is done.

24 January 2008

See any monkeys?

My mom sent Caleb some sea monkeys for Christmas. They are a little strange, but Caleb seems to like them just fine. If you have ever wondered what exactly they look like...wonder no more! (They creep me out a little.)

20 January 2008

Spear fishing

Darwin loves to go diving and spear fishing. His dad and mom are here visiting, and he and his dad have been spear fishing/scuba diving several times in the past two weeks. They both have spear guns, and they have both shot different kinds of unicorn fish in the last two weeks. Here are their fish.

Darwin's dad with his unicornfish.

Darwin with his unicornfish.

19 January 2008

London's new accessory

Now all of us girls wear glasses (well, I wear contacts). Brooklin got glasses two years ago, and London got hers this Thursday. So far, the boys seem to be immune to my genes...at least for vision. They do seem to have my genetics in the crazy feet department though....

17 January 2008

I was really starting to feel left out!

Now I am part of the growing group of family bloggers! Yeah! I haven't got it all figured out yet...but for now, I am just glad I got it up and going!