30 January 2008

It snowed here yesterday!!!

I took a picture of the snow....which was only above 9,000 feet...and I only had my phone to take the picture, but it did snow here on top of Halealaka. They closed the road up to the top (which is 10,023 feet), so no one here really got to experience it, but we could all see it. If Darwin took a better photo than I did, I will put it in here later. You may not even be able to see it...but it is at the peak of the mountain/volcano, just to the left of the powerline.


wyomingerica said...

yea for snow, I'm guessing from the excitment your mountains don't get a lot of snow. Fun picture.

Melissa said...

There has only been snow up there I think one other time since we have been here...so everyone is very excited.