23 January 2011

Journal Jar #4

Have you ever been caught stealing or been in trouble with the law?

The very easy answer to this is, No.

I have twice, that I know of, left the grocery store with an item that was on the bottom of the cart that I didn't pay for.  I can also tell you that I went right back into the store and stood in line again....with four children hanging off the sides of my shopping cart...and paid for the item.

On one other occasion, I got home and started unloading my groceries and found a box of popsicles in a bag by themselves that I did not remember putting in the cart.  I grabbed my receipt and scanned it to see if I had indeed paid for them (because my kids have put random things in my cart before).  I couldn't find the popsicles on the receipt, so I put them in the freezer and they stayed there for probably two weeks.  The next time I went to the store, I took the popsicles with me.  When I tried to explain to the customer service people what had happened, they just couldn't wrap their heads around it.  They kept trying to give me a refund.  I told them I didn't pay for them and I was just bringing them back, but they didn't understand...but let me leave them there.  I think they thought I was some crazy person. =)

As for the law... I've never had a parking ticket, I've caused one minor car accident (when I was 19), and I have been pulled over once for a traffic violation (and that was within the last six months).  I was driving on base and went straight through a left turn only lane and an MP was waiting to go through the same light on the other side of the road.  He turned his car around and pulled me over.  I had Brooklin in the car with me and I was embarrassed.  He was really nice and just told me that he wanted me to know how that intersection worked so it wouldn't happen again and that he wasn't going to give me a ticket. 

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Kelly said...

Where do you find these Journal Jar things at? they're interesting!