09 January 2011

Journal Jar #2

What could you teach someone?
Well I'm pretty sure I could teach anyone a thing or two.  =) 

But seriously...  I'll try and come up with 10.
  1. I've taught classes on sewing
  2. I've taught many people how to crochet.
  3. I've taught classes on how to lead music
  4. I've lead a children's choir
  5. I've been a cub scout leader
  6. I'm a mom...so I've taught my children many things
  7. I get many phone calls from family members asking me how to do things on the computer
  8. I'm know some about how to take pictures, and could teach a basic class on that.
  9. Darwin and I have taught MANY people how to do country swing dancing.
  10. ...and I could teach you how to cover an entire car with post-it notes. =)
What are some things I have taught you?

1 comment:

Vaughns said...

You taught me that it's ok to be a little creative and fun with taking photos.