27 January 2011

The turtle and the shrimp trucks

Today we drove to the North Shore to see if we could see a sunning green sea turtle and have lunch at the "famous" shrimp trucks.  We had good luck!  Brutus was just coming out of the water when we drove up!

After picking up a hamburger for Marcia at Ted's Bakery (which has DELICIOUS rolls...well actually all their food is good...), we drove up to the shrimp trucks.  Dar and I got the fried shrimp (the were in a spring roll type wrapper and then fried) and Dar's dad got the garlic shrimp.  He let us try some and his was very good, but also VERY messy!  I'm glad we got the fried kind.  It was already peeled and ready to eat.  The garlic kind was in a sauce and you had to peel each one before eating it.

Dad enjoying his garlic shrimp

After eating we went to a cool antique shop and a roadside farmer's market.  It was a fun afternoon.

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