24 November 2010

Another Conversation...in the kitchen this time.

(we were taking the turkey out of the plastic, and Darwin wanted to teach Brooklin about  the giblets...)

Darwin:  Brooklin!  Get in here!

Brooklin:  Whaaaat......

Darwin: I want to show you something.  Now, there are some things you need to know about turkeys.  You see, this...right here. (he lifts up the flap of skin from where the neck used to be attached and pulls out the bag of giblets)

Brooklin:  (her eyes get kinda big as she watches her dad pull out a plastic bag full of "gack" out of the turkey's neck hole).  What is that?

Darwin: This is called the giblets.  It's the heart and liver.  Some people eat it, so they put it back inside the turkey.  Now, watch this.  (he turns the turkey around and reaches inside the "other end" of the turkey and pulls out the neck).  Do you know what this is?

Brooklin:  Is it a bone?

Darwin: No, its the neck.

Brooklin:  (puzzles for just a split second and says) "So they cut off it's head and then stuff it up it's backside?!!"

Oh dear.....  hahahahaha!!!!

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Jennifer said...

That is so funny! I'd never thought of it that way, but when you do, it's kinda gross!