03 April 2011

April Fools

I honestly didn't feel as inspired this year as I have the past few years with making mischief for April Fools Day.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am kind of stressed and burning out on school.  I have two classes this semester, one class to take in the summer, and three to take in the fall...and I can GRADUATE with my Associates in Business Administration.

At this point, I'm not sure if I am going to continue on working towards my bachelor's degree or if I am going to take a break.  I am leaning towards the break, but I don't have a plan for what I will do if I do take a break.  I don't think I want (or need) to work at a "real" job, but I can't just "sit at home" either.  I do have a sum of student loans I will have to start paying back if I do stop attending school, and that might require extra income.  It is all up in the air right now...

I took my questions to the temple last weekend and Heavenly Father pretty much told me that I don't have to know yet and that he loved me...a lot.  So, I am just doing school for now and I'm going to try not to make any big decisions until later.  He has a plan for me...and I don't have to know what it is right now...kind of like presents at Christmas.  You have to wait until the right time to open them.  You are anxious to know what is in them, but you have to wait until Christmas Day (or Eve in our case...lol) to see what they are.

So anyway...haha....back to April Fools Day!

I decided to pull out the some of the Christmas decorations and pretend it was Christmas for April Fools.  I decorated a tree, hung stockings, and wrapped gifts.

When the two little kids got home, they squealed with delight.  It was pretty fun.  They opened their presents and ate a candy cane.  The two older kids didn't get home until late (Caleb at 5:30pm and Brooklin at nearly 9:30pm) because Caleb had track practice and Brooklin had a track meet.

For dinner, I made a "cake".  It was a meatloaf recipe cooked in two round cake pans.  I turned them out onto a plate and put "frosting" (mashed potatoes) in between them and then "frosted" the entire thing.  I took some of the potatoes and colored them with food coloring and piped them onto the cake for decoration.  The kids all knew it wasn't really cake...but they played along.  It was fun!  I'm glad I got out of my "funk" long enough to make this happen.  I have so much fun watching them react to the mischief. =)

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