03 April 2011

Track and Field 2011

Brooklin is running track again this year.  She is excelling at the hurdles and does really well smoking everyone at the 400m.  Her coach said she has a lot of potential to be a great hurdler.  He also put her in the first running position in the 4x400m and 4x800m relays.  We have been to everyone of her meets...not always all of us, but we enjoy cheering for her.  London has joined the track team at the elementary and Caleb just made the track team at the middle school!  They haven't had a meet yet, but we are going to support them when it is their turn.  Isaiah told us only one 3rd grader made the track team at his school, but he tried out and we are proud of him.  Here are some pictures of Brooklin running at a meet at Kaiser HS.

100m hurdles

No one was even close when she finished the 100m hurdles!

100m dash.  She actually came in 2nd in her heat.

300m hurdles.  She was at least 150m ahead of the 2nd place runner!  She did awesome!
(and she almost didn't run this one, because she had just run the 1500m and ended up puking right after).

Dad and Brooklin near the end of the meet.

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