25 April 2011

Another Semester Done! Two Left To Go!

 I just turned in my last final for this semester! Now i have 28 glorious days of FREE TIME!!! =) ...then it is back to school to learn "Principals of Management".  I think I will have time to sew now...and go to the temple!  Hooray!
(I just finished Business Communications and Introduction to Business)
Here is a silly photo of me working on my final project for the Business Communications class. I had to make a PowerPoint presentation with audio.  This is me sitting in an empty room, feeling like a goofball, and talking to myself...aka recording the audio.
I started this blanket during Spring Break and just finished it this afternoon.  I don't know who it is for yet, but I like to have baby gifts on hand since I never have time to play, I mean sew, when I need one ready for a baby shower.

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