03 August 2008

DI PAC ~ Douglas Island Pink And Chum

On Saturday, Darwin took the kids down to DIPAC (die-pack) to see the salmon (I woke up sick on Saturday with chills, aches, and a fever, so I stayed home and slept most of the day). DIPAC is a fish hatchery here in Juneau. It has a big fish ladder and when the salmon make it up to the top of the ladder, the workers extract the roe (eggs) and sperm and mix them together and incubate it over the winter. In the spring, they release the smolt (baby fish) back into the channel. The hatchery is permitted to incubate 121 million chum (dog salmon), 50 million pink (humpy salmon), 1.5 million coho (silver salmon), and 950,000 chinook (king salmon) annually. After visiting the fish ladder, he let them each catch...and release...their own fish.

The kids at DIPAC

The fish ladder.

More of the ladder.

Caleb watching a dog salmon.

Thousands of fish!

More fish

Brooklin with a fish on.

Caleb reeling one in.

London's fish.

Isaiah fishing.

Brooklin picking up a fish.

Caleb holding a dog salmon.

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Rana said...

Well, the first pictures brought back memories. I'VE BEEN THERE! The 2nd thing was we had to laugh at Isaiah wearing a coat with a hood in July/August. And Caleb was braving it with shorts but still had to have the coat. The pictures were fun but I could tell Melissa was not taking them ----- sorry! Hope you are feeling better:(