20 August 2008

Sunny Day!

Today it was sunny all day! At noon we met some friends at the new park that was built at twin lakes. It is kind of similar to a park we had in Maui at Giggle Hill and it was very cool. It got up to 75 degrees, and we stayed outside until 4pm. We only left, because we needed to go home and cook dinner and eat.

Isaiah on the climbing wall

London on the "fish ladder"

Brooklin up in one of the buildings.

Caleb stopped just long enough for me to get a quick shot of him and then he was off. Notice the totally cloudless, blue sky! It is so beautiful!


Rana said...

Cool! I guess this was built since you were there last, huh? Glad you had another nice warm day. Guess you really miss that and they will be few and far between!

Graham Crackerz said...

you look like you are having fun and your new dining table looks great!! Wish we could help you unpack. that is so not fun, but on the bright side, it's probably like christmas with all the new IKEA furniture.

wyomingerica said...

YOur house looks great.

Anonymous said...

That park looks pretty fun! It is real big!
-Marnie Strasser