21 August 2008

Lots done, no Darwin

I mostly ran errands today.

After goofing off and sitting around all morning, I got out my sewing machine and worked on a blanket. After lunch we (the kids and I) went everywhere. First to my school. Tuition is due tomorrow, and I didn't find the elusive "money for military spouses to go to college" funds, so I went in to the financial aid office to claim my first student loan of $2000 for tuition and books, Uggg! I am taking two classes. Elementary Algebra and Communications. I have classes everyday. M, T, TH, & Fri. I have Math for an hour, and M, W, & Fri. I have Communications for an hour (right after math on Mon and Fri). The classes are in the morning, and I am done before lunch each day. After filling out the paperwork for the financial aid office, I got my picture taken for my student ID card. While I was filling out a form online for the student loan, Caleb casually says, "Mom, did you know that you have a huge hole in your pants?" !!!! I totally had a four or five inch rip in the back of my (favorite) jeans! I had been using a computer that you had to stand up to use, and it was right infront of a row of chairs. I had been leaning over to read what was on the screen, and there had been other people using the chairs before Caleb came over and sat behind me! I have no idea when the rip happened. I never heard it or anything! How embarassing! So instead of going to the bookstore to get my books, I had to drive all the way home and change.

After that, we did go to the bookstore to get my books. Three books (one used two new) $220. Uggh again. What was funny though, was the looks on my childrens' faces when the lady announced the total. It was pretty priceless. "But Mom! It was only three books!"

Next we drove to the DMV and I got my picture taken for the second time to update the address on my drivers licence. I never got a Hawaii drivers licence, so I just drove around with our old Juneau address on my licence for three years. I also ran upstairs to Darwin's office to get the iron and ironing board so I can finish the blanket I sewed today. We also went to the fabric store to get more vinyl for the chairs, and I got one extra cell phone for our family. I realized that with Darwin gone, if I needed to go anywhere, and needed Brooklin to babysit, we don't have a home phone (and aren't getting one) so there would be no way to get ahold of me if something went wrong. It is not her phone, but we did need one for that kind of stuff, and it was only $10 more a month for another phone, and the phone was free to boot.

Now we were off to get me some new jeans. I don't have that many pairs of pants. Only like three pairs now that the favorites are ripped. I bought two pairs of Levis at the "mall" and then we ate at the pizza place and went to the library to get our library cards. We checked out a few books, and then came home.

Now for the no Darwin part. Dar flew to Anchorage this afternoon for work. He is supposed to be back on Friday or Saturday. I wasn't ready for him to leave us this quickly. Oh well, I'll live...and probably get far less sleep than I need, but that's how it goes.

I guess that is all for now! Sorry this was boring (except for the ripped pants story...lol).


Jen said...

Boy do I remember those days of tuition and books! I never could understand why books would cost almost as much as the class. I started buying them used online and saved a fortune.

I love all the pictures. The house looks wonderful and it sounds like you're happy (except for your fanny hanging out of your pants--you didn't feel a breeze?!?) :-)

Glad you're back to posting regularly. I missed hearing all the latest the last few weeks. I still spend time online while the baby is sleeping but I end up typing one-handed so everything takes so much longer and I tend to comment less. But have no fear, I'm still a die hard reader of your blog--and now you have that neat tracker thingy so you'll know just how often I visit. It's like Big Brother is watching. I, of course, stole it and put it on my site too. Where do you find all your cool stuff?

Melissa said...


I totally steal stuff off of other people's blogs...just like you did! hehehe. I loved the chins joke from your blog. I'd never heard that one before.


Rana said...

WOW what a story.............just like a college kid to do something like that. The other students probably thought it was just planned. I bought my books on usedtextbooks.com ....there are several other sites. And when you go to sell them back, even new ones, they want to give you about 5 bucks for a practically new book. Sell on line too!So do you start this coming Monday? do the kids start Monday also?

Kelly said...

Sorry about your pants getting ripped! That had to suck

Anonymous said...

on my way home