01 August 2008

1st Photos of Alaska ~ by Brooklin

The Mendenhall Glacier Park

A salmon

The Mendenhall Glacier

Family at the glacier...yes we are freezing! (well Darwin isn't...he is finally comfortable)
Another family shot...with shakas!

An eagle...they are everywhere!


Rana said...

You know the only reason I believe you are there is because the kids are a little too big for this to have been taken 3 years ago but you know I have seen pictures of you like this before. I've even been leaning against that fence! Glad to know that with the Global Warming and all the Mendenhall Glacier is still there!

Leon and Janie said...

what beautiful pictures! I'm glad that you've arrived safely and that things are looking great as far as getting settled back in Alaska! Thanks for your posts.