20 August 2008

We're in!

We are IN our house! So exciting. It is a total mess, with boxes, packing paper, and half put together IKEA furniture, but we are here and got to sleep in OUR house last night! We got our IKEA furniture out of Wendy's garage and we also got our express shipment of the basics that we sent out in May, delivered to the house yesterday afternoon. Dar and I stayed up until 11pm putting together our table and the desk (which didn't get done because I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.) Today I need to finish the desk and start on the dining chairs and the filing cabinent. At this point in time, "they" don't know where the rest of our household goods are, but we are praying that they find them soon. "They" didn't know where our express shipment was either, until a few days ago. It was in a container with someone elses information on it, and there was also a Harley in with our stuff! We didn't get to keep the Harley, I'm just glad they found this shipment.

I'll have to go and take a few pictures today when more of the stuff is put together, and try to post them tomorrow. I really don't want to share the giant mess on here, lol.

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