20 August 2008

Our backyard

The backyard. There is a shed on the left, and a snowblower !!! under the deck. (I'm very excited about that one)

A fun little fact, our next door neighbors in the yellow house are also the Jensens!

The house came with a hot tub! Kind of exciting. We haven't tried it out yet, but once we get more things settled, we will fire it up.

This is just the stairs and the shed...


Rana said...

Looks like a really fun back yard. Glad you don't have any little ones to fall down those back stairs tho. I'm jealous of the hot tub. so you met the neighbors...........how fun to have last names the same .....nightmare for the mailman!!

Melissa said...

the neighbors used to be in our ward...that is how we know them. i just didn't realize that we bought the house next door to them!