01 August 2008

1st test done

I forgot to put in the update post that I went in to the university on Thursday and took my first college placement test. I took the English one, and a happy to announce that I am not a bonehead! The test placed me in English 111, which is regular college English. I was a little surprised, because I hated English in high school, and I slept through my entire jr. year of English class. I am going in on Mon (I think) to take the Math placement test. I also changed my major with the help of my counselor. My major is Associates of Business. I can't even remember the original one I signed up for, but she said this one would be better for me and what I wanted to do.


Rana said...

Man, even I had to take English 101 and 102 but that wasn't bonehead either! I didn't have to take any tests, I just had to produce my ACT scores from 1970, and yes I still had them. I am excited for you. I still want to finish but you will probably finish before me!

Jen said...

Congrats on not being a bonehead! Must have been a relief to know you still have it even after all these years out of school. So you said the new major will help you with what you want to do, but I'm left wondering what it is you wanna be when you grow up. :-) What are your plans for after college?

Melissa said...

We plan on running a bed & breakfast when Darwin retires...so a business background would be helpful