11 August 2008

My Vacation Craft

So, there is no way I could go for a whole month without creating something, so this is what I have been doing for the past 8 weeks. I have dearly missed my sewing machine, but this kept me plenty busy. It is a completely hand stitched (check out the bears' scarves!) and beaded Christmas stocking. My friend Ketra asked me to do one of these for her son for Christmas, this spring. I had never heard of these, and so I didn't know how intricate they were...so I told her "sure, no problem". At first, I was a little intimidated, but it turned out to be totally addictive and fun. I did about 70% of the one for my friend's son (which was a jolly snowman with a string of Christmas lights), and then she wanted to try to do some of it. I was so excited about doing another one, I went online that night and bought seven kits. The kits (by bucilla) are between $12 and $18 and come with pretty much everything. The best part is the finished ones sell for $100 online. I am not keeping this one, but am going to try and sell it here (or online). It can be personalized (the name goes across the top, and attaches to the smoke coming out of the chimney). I have already started another one called sugar plum fairy. Hopefully I can sell them, and have some extra money for Christmas this year!


Jen said...

That is adorable. I can see why they'd go for so much money since the work looks so intricate. You said it had taken you 8 weeks. Do you think other ones will take as long or does it get quicker as you gain more experience? Luckily you still have a few months till Christmas, so happy stitching! :-)

Rana said...

That turned out beautiful! I really can't believe all the different stitches you did. Remember the Noah's Ark picture I did that took me 11 YEARS to finish?? Well, at least it's finished.............unlike some other projects around here :(

Kelly said...

That looks really good! You seem to be good at making things like that, and that's cool. I can't really make things like that, lol.