10 August 2008

Enjoying nature on the sabbath day

We like to take walks on Sunday. It is our day of rest, and we don't do too much besides going to church, but we do like to take a Sunday walk. This week, we went to a boardwalk trail over Jordan Creek. I'm not sure what the real name of it is, but it was beautiful. We of course found the trail by way of geocaching, so that was a little bonus...but the cache was right at the beginning of the trail. We walked really far back into the trees to a little river. The weather (as per usual) was slightly rainy, and the clouds were just resting in the trees. It was so beautiful the way the mist just hung in the trees. I was able to get a few really good shots of it. My favorites are the first one, and the fourth one.

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Leon and Janie said...

wow that is really beautiful! Your kids are pretty lucky to get an education...just by living where they have and seeing so many wonderful things. You make it so fun!