07 August 2008


I bet you all weren't expecting this type of picture! Neither was I really, but it got up to 70 DEGREES yesterday!! I went over to my friend Wendy's house to do our laundry yesterday, and the kids asked if they could run in the sprinkler, because it was hot. I totally thought they would get out there, and get the first few drops on them, and then come and say it was too cold...but they stayed out for about 20 minutes! They borrowed suits from their friends, and ran and screamed and had a ball. So much better than being cooped up in the tiny hotel room. They stopped to change the type of sprinkler they were using, and during the pause, Isaiah got a huge splinter in his foot from the deck. He screamed like a banshee while we tried to get it out. When the show was over, the clouds had rolled in and the sun went away for awhile, so the fun was over, but we did get warm yesterday and Tuesday it was sunny also. I am grateful for the sunny days we had. Now it is 9am, overcast and 57 degrees.


Rana said...

I definitely did not expect a picture like that! I think your family had enough sun and warm weather in the last 3 years to hold you through at least 3 more summers! I know you'll miss it though. Have you been past your old house? Does it look any different? We are going to Utah in the morning for an Earl family reunion. We'll be back late Saturday or early Sunday morning. TTFN

Jen said...

The temperature seemed to be in the high seventies with good tradewinds today. Ahh, to go outdoors in shorts and tank tops and not freeze! Jealous?? :-)