10 August 2008

Family walk

This is our walk for this week. It was a little rainy, but not enough to keep us in =). Sorry we all have red eyes. I don't have photoshop on this computer, so I can't fix any of the photos. It was a little dim, so we all ended up with them. We found a geocache along the trail, and then hiked back to a little river. Most of the trail was boards, and since it was wet, the boards were really slick. Isaiah slipped and went straight onto his back, and Darwin almost fell, but caught himself. Caleb also won the "dog poop" award. Last week Brooklin and Isaiah stepped in some, and this week Caleb did. I really wish people would clean up after their pets!!!

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Christine said...

Yes, the seam allowance for the self-binding receiving blanket is 1/4". I love Porter's in Idaho Falls and Rexburg. Enjoy making it. This blanket is quick and easy and the burp cloths I make to match are easy, too.