29 July 2008

We're here!!

Well....we all made it to Juneau safely. Our plane unloaded us right onto the ground, and it was like stepping into a freezer to me. It was 50 degrees, misting, and cloudy....and it has been that way ever since. I'm not complaining, I was just really hoping that we were going to have some time to gradually adjust to the cooler temps. Oh well.

We got into Juneau at 9:45 pm on Sunday night, and after getting the rental car and hotel situated, I left to go and get milk and cereal for in the morning. When I got into Safeway, I had the most extreme case of deja vu I've ever experienced. It was very weird! It has been really interesting to drive around here and see all this stuff that I was very sure I wasn't ever going to see again.

Yesterday, I went and looked at an FSBO, and then went to visit the realtor that sold us our home here last time, and she took us to look at six houses. We are meeting with her again later this afternoon to look at seven more houses. Miss Wendy offered to watch the littles for us yesterday and today, so we wouldn't have to take off and put on six pairs of shoes....I am so grateful to her and her family for being such good friends.

After we ate dinner, we went to look at some trucks at the car dealerships around here. We waited until we knew they would be closed so we could look without pressure. At the last one, we were noticing that it appeared that the dealership was going through a name change, or maybe it was under new managment....the sign said one name, and all the cars had another name on the plate covers. Anyway, we know the guy who's name was on all of the plate covers, and were wondering if he had bought the dealership (we know that he owns at least two dealerships in the area, but he lives in Ketchikan) and just then this guy comes out, and it is him!! He sold Dar his gold and black truck that we had when we were here last time, and it was really crazy that he was here and that we saw him. We got to chat with him, and he told Darwin to call him directly to get a deal on a truck, and he would take care of us personally. I guess that he owns five dealerships now...and he said, "Paying tithing really works!!" It was funny.

Anyway, I need to get out of the house. I need to go and visit the bank and the university sometime today. Pray that we can find the right house quickly!


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Anonymous said...

So glad you made it! (Safely) I can only imagine how cold you must be. That's a little chilly for Juneau in August isn't it? Hope you find something soon. Sounds like there are lots of places to look at. And you should get a pretty good car deal too. Yahoo! Mommer