09 July 2008

Finally...some pictures!

Our first day at Disney was fun, but we were totally not prepared for it....see below. We just went with nothing, and had a ton of fun. These pictures are of Isaiah and Caleb at the Jedi Training. We had to use Dar's phone to take the pictures, because the cameras were still in the luggage and my phone was nearly dead. They both learned how to fight with a light saber, and then they both got to fight Darth Maul. We rode on/did Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, Space Mountain (London cried), Autopia, Dumbo, King Arthur Carousel, Pinocchio, Snow White, the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan Treehouse, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted Mansion and watched the Disney Princess Fantasy Show. Then we came "home" and all died from exhaustion. Being up for nearly 48 hours straight and running to that many attractions nearly killed us all...but we were up the next morning for more!

I'll do the other days later...I need to help pack and make dinner, so we can get on the plane in the morning (like at 7am) to fly to visit our families in Idaho!


wyomingerica said...

sounds like you are have fun, it is a catch 22, you are probably so tired. We are thinking of you and your new adventure, good luck.

L. Strasser said...

ok...so isaiah runs away from me screaming "he's going to kill me" but he'll duel with darth mall ?!?! hahaha