21 July 2008

Craters of the Moon National Park

We went to Craters of the Moon National Park yesterday....it took three days to pull up all the pictures it is now Thursday night, and we went on Monday... It was really fun, and the kids got to see their first snow in three years! We hiked up hills, and into underground lava tubes/caves. We enjoyed being with Darwin's sisters and their kids.

Kids in a crevice, and then Darwin and I in the same crack in the Indian Caves

Darwin and Brooklin in a deep hole in Boy Scout Cave.

Kids in the Indian Caves

More in Indian Caves

Kids with the sign, and boys with the Boy Scout Cave sign

Girls with the Beauty Cave sign, and London being a rule breaker...according to Jay =)

More rule breakers...these pics are mostly for my brother Joel

What a bunch of naughty kids!

Isaiah in some trees, and baby Kaitlyn

Tayler and Jay climbing some rocks

Isaiah and Brooklin on top of Inferno Cone

Snow in the Snow Cone, and the inside of Indian Caves

Heidi, Kaitlyn, Sarah, Cameryn, and Lisa hiking up Inferno Cone, and then a group shot of the same.

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Rana said...

Zay-uh looks delighted to be there in the first picture. London needed a smile to be in the beauty cave picture. Zay-uh was just trying to find a place "to go" in the trees and you found him and took a picture of him. Finally at the end I see Heidi and Lisa ............but I don't know which kids belong to which girl. I guess their husbands couldn't come? What about Heather? Have you ever been there before?