26 February 2008

4 less teeth for me

Well, my wisdom teeth are gone,and I am miserable. My kids have really taken care of me though, and I couldn't have done anything without my friend Elena's help. She drove me to the appointment, picked me up, took the required silly after op. pictures, picked up my medication, and then got my kids from school. She also offered to take them to school in the morning. She is a dear friend, and I am so grateful for all her help. Darwin was planning on being my nurse, but the Coast Guard decided to send him to Oahu last minute, so she was able to step in and do what she could. Darwin was able to give me a priesthood blessing last night, so that all would go well...which it did.

This is a picture I took of myself this morning just before leaving. I wore my glasses, so I wouldn't have to deal with my contacts sticking to my eyeballs while I was out.

Here are two of the after pictures. I think I was still a little out of it...hehehe.

I'm headed off to bed now with a percoset, and hopefully I can just sleep this time, and not throw it up like the last one I took.


sarastrasser said...

Ouch! Hope you get to feeling better. Sounds like a good friend to do all that for you.

Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

Thanks for the idea!!

Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

Hope you feel better

Joel & Lila said...

(this is joe) what a trooper you are.