12 February 2008

Elena's revenge

Well, she got me! I asked my friend to watch our children so Darwin and I could chaperone the EFY dance on Friday night. She took the perfect opportunity I gave her, to get me back . We got home at 10:30 pm from the dance, and she told us she decided not to do anything, because we were supposed to be housing some of the people that had to fly over here for EFY, and she didn't want to make a big mess for them to see. I totally believed her! We ended up not having to house anyone....they decided to stay with some friends....so anyway, when we woke up Saturday morning, we had hearts all over our back fence. She told me that all the kids helped, and that it totally wore them out, so they went right to bed...except for Brooklin. She was still up chatting when we got home. Her plan was to sneak up the stairs as we were coming in through the garage, but we came in the front door, and she was like a deer in the headlights....caught red handed! It was funny, and Elena is Brooklin's activity day leader, so it was nice for them to get to talk a little.

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