19 February 2008

Penguins on Maui

Since the kids didn't have school yesterday, we decided to go geocaching. (if you don't know what that is...click here http://www.geocaching.com/ ) We haven't been caching in over 3 months, and there have been a few new ones placed since we last went. We drove over to Ka'anapali to the Hyatt Regency, where they have several birds on display in their open air lobby...including penguins, macaws, a parrot, and some cranes. The geocache was a puzzle cache and we had to get info off of the penguin sign to get the coordinates for the cache. Anyway, since Caleb loves penguins so much, we thought it would be great to go and see some. I don't think the kids believed that there really were penguins here. Here are the pictures.

They had two Macaws...one scarlet one and a blue one.

This one wasn't on his perch, so I didn't get a very good shot of him.

This is an African grey parrot.
His name is R2D2, and he made bleepy noises, just like R2D2.

Caleb is answering the questions for the geocache from off of the sign.
Here are all the kids with the penguins.

All the penguins were African black-footed penguins.

This was also there....a yellow crested crane.

They also had some koi, so I took their picture too.

We were able to find the geocache, and it was filled with little rubber penguins. All the kids took one. After that we walked down to whaler's village to eat over priced fast food for lunch, and then we went and found one more geocache that was in the same area. There was also this skeleton of a sperm whale at the enterance to whaler's village.


Leon and Janie said...

What beautiful pictures! The colors are so vivid! What kind of camera do you have? Thanks for sharing. Your geocaching trip sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe penguins can live in Hawaii.......guess that's cause they are from Africa?? Is this the first time you have been to this place? You just don't see birds and flowers like that anywhere.