09 February 2008

CTR moment

We were at the Maui Mall today, for the pinewood derby. (I'll write about that later.) Anyway, the different packs set up game booths for everyone to play at during the races. Isaiah played ring toss. The pack had set up plastic Pepsi bottles in a triangle formation, and gave each person a handful of shower curtain rings to toss. There weren't any other kids around, so they told Isaiah he could keep playing until he won. He finally got one on, and they handed him a can of Pepsi as a prize. He turned right around to me, and said, "Here, Mom. I'm not allowed to drink this, but you can." !!! We just recently re-explained to all the kids about caffeine, because I had my monthly headache...which I medicate with Motrin and a caffeinated soda...so they all got after me for having a Coke. It was really funny, but great to know they are listening

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