13 February 2008

A poem written by Brooklin

Brooklin was asked to write a 12 line poem this afternoon, by one of her teachers. She didn't hear the part about it being only 12 lines, so now she is going to have to write another one. I thought she did an amazing job though, so I told her I would post it here, along with some pictures of her scuba diving with her dad, Grandpa Jensen, and Uncle Austin in January. (She got scuba lessons this year for Christmas.)


Wake up before sunrise, grab all of your gear,
Drive out to Kihei, Walk onto the pier

Show them you’re certified you bundle up tight,
The boat starts to go; the cold is a fright.

The sun starts to rise, the water’s so clear,
We enjoy the beauty Mother Nature left here.

Put on the scuba gear jump into the water,
Inflate your B.C., and float like a bobber.

Wait for the group till together we flock,
Give the O.K., then drop like a rock.

I begin feeling breathless, I sink really fast,
the others behind me, I’m down here at last.

The colors are exotic, the reef so vast,
an octopus swims by and I take hold of him fast.

The turtles are holding the ground with their toes,
They don’t even flinch as we sit nose to nose.

In an underwater cave the light points to a turtle,
I see glowing eyes staring from an underwater hurdle.

A gigantic shark swimming back and forth…ten feet long!
I felt so happy I could have broken out in song.

I look at my gauges, my air’s getting low,
I head back to the boat, only this time I’m slow.

I climb up the rope; I get onto the deck,
Then I head home, at the end of my trek


just me said...

that is a really great poem, melissa! i'm so glad you sent me the link to your blog - it's fun to see what you're up to. i remember when i met you in 4th grade ... how funny! ~jannet!

Joel & Lila said...

WOW...that is all I can say...WOW!!

Brooklin is quite the poet...that should be printed and framed with the picture of her scuba-diving. I would love to have done that...especially at such a young age...WOW

Anonymous said...

Is this the first time she has actually attempted to write poetry? That's exceptional for a young girl. You know of course, that your great grandfather, grandmother and aunt are accomplished poets. The cadence and use of her rhyming words was well above her level. You should continue to encourage her and send us the new one she writes when she gets that finished. The diving looks like great fun. I don't know if I would feel like singing if I saw a shark swim by!!! Love, Mommer


What a beautiful poem! I like to write poems too. Maybe it runs in the family! Loved the pictures as well.